Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First timer...

I plan to make my daughter lots and lots of booties! So fuzzy and warm... I just have to. For my first attempt, I used a simple pattern from the Lion Brand website:

It had been so long since I crocheted, that I was off to a slow start. It took me a while to make my daughter's first blanket... and I was spending all of my free time on it. My son would always ask "You're making that for sister?" I started feeling pretty bad that I was making her things, and I didn't want him to get the baby jealousy already and feel left out. BUT, he's a boy, and I don't like this kind of stuff on boys! Blankets sure, but he has so many... My mom, my sister, and I all crocheted him baby blankets, and now my mom and sister are into quilting, so he has a couple of quilts and a couple other blankets my mom has made (his favorites: John Deere & Spiderman). Finally, I decided on a hat. It's always cold here; hats are good. So, for the first time, I made a hat. It was plain and simple; one, because it was my first time, and two, I just feel for a boy it should be plain and simple, lol. Here is his camo hat:

I am still crocheting baby girl things all the time, so I'm racking my brain for anything else I can make my son. I don't like any crocheted clothes for boys.... I'm thinking about some socks for him to wear around the house, and maybe some more hats. I just don't know! Any suggestions?


Carol said...

Hats and socks are a great idea. You could also make him some Amigurmi. Cute little animals. I attempted an elephant but I put it down because the trunk was...well, looking more like another part of his anatomy! LOL

On the Creative Side said...

They are cute! I have seen some I might try, but I have to get that filler stuffing stuff.