Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Given up... for now.

I have made one friend since moving across the country. She is a lot younger than me, but she and her husband are from Georgia. I just can't tell you what it feels like to be in the north for a couple of months and then finally befriend another southerner. No offense to any northerners!!! But there is just something about being southern! You need a southern friend around! Anyways, she used to crochet. She mostly only made potholders, but hey, at least she knows what I'm talking about when we share crafty stories. She makes bows now, which I had a slight interest in, so that's neat. So, she, her husband, and their son came over for Thanksgiving dinner. She told me she had started crocheting again, because her husband wanted handmade stockings for Christmas, but she was having some trouble with it and wanted my help. The next day, I found a pattern and got some yarn. I figured if it has a pattern, I can do it. NOT! Well, I followed the pattern just fine, and I didn't have any problems with it... but the toe came out POINTY! Very POINTY! I hate it. It frustrated me and I put it down! There are a few reasons I think this happened. Although the pattern called for worsted weight and I bought worsted weight, the pattern called for chenille, which is discontinued. I think it must be a lot softer, although just as thick, and I'm thinking that made the toe right. I have found another pattern since then, but I haven't decided whether or not I'm starting over or trying to fix what I've already started. I have put it down for now... not permanently... just until I decide what I'm going to do!! Here is what I had started:

 I haven't sewed the two "sides" together, or you would really be able to tell how point it is. I think what frustrated me the most, was that it was all single crochets, which take too long for my attention span. There was a lot of starting and stopping and sewing together in this pattern, so it was just time consuming. I started over once, and I was going to try and see how it would turn out if I used double crochets, but then I took that out. I'm going to try the new pattern, I think... but I don't know if I will try it for this Christmas. There are so many more baby things I want to make, and things for friends, that I just don't feel like messing with the stocking. It will irritate me when i pull all of this out, especially because it is so many different pieces and I won't even be able to reuse the yarn. Ugh!

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