Friday, December 10, 2010

Motivation & rainy days...

I just wanted to share my motivation for my crochet projects. The best little guy ever:
 & the best little girl yet to arrive:

We have had quite a rainy week here in Washington... Rainy days = lots of crochet.

 I planned some more projects in my head, so I ran to Michael's with my 50% off coupon and got a skein of yarn to match two that I have, that I plan on making a granny square blankie with in the near future. I also got a skein of black to make little miss some rain boot booties. After all, she'll be here in late March, so she'll need something festive for those April showers. They aren't high on my list of projects, but it was on sale. ;)
I sat down and tore out the ugliness of a stocking I had begun...
I decided that I will make a Santa hat for my little guy. I don't want this yarn getting all tangled up, and I don't want it sitting around, so the Santa hat has begun. He also had fun painting a Santa hat of his own,
as we worked on phonics.. Proud to say that my three year old correctly sounded out the H and the A in hat. :)


Carol said...

Love them babies! You have a nice stash of yarn now. Can't wait to see the Santa hat! How cute it would be for him to wear it on the plane ride to VA!

On the Creative Side said...

I love my stash... Can't wait to use it up and get more. =)

I hope the hat turns out! I hate doing sc... it takes so long. It's stiff so far, but hopefully once it's done it won't be.

Have you ever "felted?" That book you got me tells you how to do it. I wonder if that soften things up or what.

Victoria said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog - the Sunshine baby dress is lovely to crochet - easier than it looks (although there is a mistake in the original pattern, so check for errata) especially if you can read a crochet chart. What a cute little boy you have...and the pink/green hat in your last post is adorable.

On the Creative Side said...

I have only found one dress so far that I likd enough to crochet, so I will probably end up ordering that issue to make it. I read on their site where some people posted corrections... thanks for the warning!