Thursday, December 9, 2010

My hubs' favorite...

I made a hat yesterday, in under two hours. I used a hat pattern found on another blog [Thanks,]... Added to it a flower & a button [man, I REALLY wanted to make a hat with a button.... really bad!], and used my own color scheme. Here is the most precious result:

I just love it... I love the flower & button together. I will have to try not to "overuse" this or everything she wears will have a flower on it with a button in the middle.

A while back, I was at Joann's, which is a good little drive for me. They had a better selection of Vanna's baby yarn than the nearby Michael's... and I fell in love with the blue one (bluebell or something like that? I lost the label), so I bought one skein of blue. I had just gotten into this frenzy, so I just bought like 6 skeins of yarn with no plans (not smart, I know). Anyways, lately, I've given the blue a lot of thought. I used it on the flower on the white hat, and I used it to make the last blue/pink pom pom hat. I decided to make a headband (the only thing I can do completely without a pattern, LOL), and here it is:

I am debating whether I want to leave it plain, to attach bows to, or to crochet a few different size/color flowers so scatter on one side, or attempt to make a butterfly for it.... Opinions?
Now, as for the single blue skein, I want to incorporate it into a pair of booties for my little miss.. possibly some mary jane's... but I would also like to send my bff pen pal I pair of booties for her new little boy. I think I have enough left to do both. :)