Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not so sure...

Again, I had a picture in my head and I looked and looked and looked for a pattern. I found one close enough. It was a Mini Hat Trick pattern on Lion Brand's website. I started the pattern for the newborn size and it was waaaaay too small. I started over and followed the 12 month size and it still turned out too small, so I tweaked it a little. I crochet pretty tight, but geez, lol, I guess people think all babies have very small heads. My first was over 9 lbs with a big ol' head, so I know this little miss won't be teeny tiny.

 As I said in my first post... I'm not a girly girl. I don't like pink. I'm getting used to pink if it's mixed in with green or brown, or something to contrast it. I also don't mind if it's a pretty eye-popping pink... I want her to have some blues in her wardrobe, but I don't want people asking me if she's a boy. I love this blue with this shade of pink, but I'm not so sure about this hat. It is something I will just have to see on her when she gets here! [If it fits!]

EDIT! My mom suggested that I put a pom pom on top... I liked the idea, and so I made my first pom pom

Is this too much of a "wintry" hat for a March/April baby?


Carol said...

It's cute! How about adding a pink pom pom to the top? Love it though!

On the Creative Side said...

Great idea!!! That would help it out a lot. I began a hat while cooking dinner... I'll be finishing that in a few minutes and then starting on my first pom pom!!! Thanks.