Monday, January 10, 2011

Bundle up, baby!

Today, I made a cocoon to send to my photographer and post on my Etsy site. Actually, I started it last night, but ran out of yarn. In a quick trip to Michael's today, I discovered that they have since clearanced and sold out of that particular kind (Red Heart Soft Baby Steps)... so I had to get a different kind. My husband always says, "I don't see why dye lot and all that matters." Well, today he learned that white is not always white. The whites were so different! I started a new cocoon, and when I can venture out to JoAnn's, I'll look for the Soft Baby Steps and finish the first cocoon for my daughter. Anyways, because I was making it to send to our photographer, I figured it would be a nice touch to have a way to incorporate pink or blue depending on what gender she is photographing. I'm glad it turned out well. I know it's simple, but I'm just starting to create things from scratch. =) [This is the newest item in my Etsy Shop!]

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Shanti said...

Hi Kristin! that is cute!

There's an award for you at my blog... please stop by and see it!

xx, Shanti