Sunday, January 9, 2011

Over the last few days.......

I have neglected to post any of my recent creations, because I have been busy, busy getting my Etsy site up and running. I truly hope to have some success with this. I think I set my goal a little high for just starting out, but I will just have to find more ways to advertise and/or make things more appealing. Anyhow, let me share with you what I have made in the last week or so!
Photos 1&2: Just a simple little hat and booties set for a baby boy... This is yarn stolen from my mom's stash when I was in VA. I don't have a baby boy to use this for, but the hat and booties worked up so quickly, I thought it would make a good start for my Etsy shop.
Photos 3&4: I've pictured these booties already, but they didn't have buttons yet. Pretty soon after returning home, I got buttons and finished them. I'm keeping these for my baby girl, but I also posted them to my Etsy site to sell.
Photos 5&6: Bunny ears! My photographer back home in VA has a newborn shoot coming up, and I thought a bunny hat would be cute with Easter coming up. I am making her a few things to keep and use as props, and she is going to send me pictures to use on my Etsy shop. Items get sooooo many more views when an adorable little newborn is photographed! I will have to make this hat for my little one, too, as she will be here just in time for Easter!
Photos 7&8: This has got to be my favorite hat of all time. This is the 5th time I've made it, and it just works easier and more quickly each time. I really hope this is a good seller on my Etsy site, because I can make it so quickly, and probably because I just think the world of this hat. I changed it up a little by making a medium-sized flower and putting a button in the middle. I may have to redo the flower on the hat I made for my own little girl, because I just love this one so much.
Photo 9: Ruby red slippers! I went to Michael's the other day but totally forgot to look for some black cord. I want to lace it through the top and tie a little bow in the front. Either way, I went ahead and put this on my Etsy site, because they're so darn cute. Of course, my little one has a pair.
Photo 10: Walmart has buttons! My Walmart's craft section has some pretty slim pickings, and I was shocked when I stumbled across a little turn-style rack full of buttons! They were so much cheaper than at the craft stores I've looked through, and I loved a lot of them! I got some cute ones, some multi-purpose ones, and some adorable little hearts I want to do something with before Valentine's Day (fingers crossed on selling them!).

Anyway, I hope everyone's New Year is off to a wonderful start. Mine has been so far, and it should just keep getting better! March is closing in fast, and I have so many crochet projects in my head to get through before then... Not to mention all the work I have to do to be the holder of a Masters degree before my daughter's birth!! Yay!

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