Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it time for a new post?

I have been very busy and have neglected my blog lately. We got moved and unpacked, and cleaned out the old apartment. We are settled well, the house is spotless, laundry is steadily being done.... but I'm still waiting for this little moocher to come on out! Today, I am 39 weeks and 3 days. I already gave her her eviction notice, but she's being stubborn. All's well though. I feel great, so I can't complain, and my mom will be here in just 25 hours!!!! I hope she is just waiting for her MeMe, and will decide to show up Thursday morning, after we've all had a good night's rest. :) I can dream, right!?

On the crochet side, I have been doing pretty well! I have had several projects lately, although I stopped taking orders about a week ago, so I can finish making things for my own little princess. Here are some pics of some of the orders I've filled recently:

I made this owl hat for an FPIES Benefit Auction going on on Facebook. A bunch of sponsors have donated items for people to bid on and all proceeds will go towards FPIES.

 And I made these two headbands for my daughter:

I have many more projects to make for her. I want to make her tons more booties and headbands... Right now I'm working on a sock monkey hat for her... and there are some sweaters I would like to make!

I just need my daughter to show up now. :) Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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