Friday, November 11, 2011

Giveaway: SEW GALORE!

Yesterday's winner of the cowl was Kellie Nguyen!

Today's giveaway is from Sew Galore! You can choose one of the two prizes:

1) $10 off any purchase (not to include s&h, expires 1/31/11)

2) 50% off a pillowcase dress (up to size 6, expires 1/31/11)

There is also a BONUS giveaway! This 6" (approx) peony blossom flower clip:

How to enter: Comment here to enter! YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME AS SHOWN ON FACEBOOK AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOUR ENTRY TO COUNT. List one thing you're looking forward to this weekend! ****Indicate whether you're entering for discount #1 or discount #2.**** PLEASE do not enter if you do not plan to use the discounts before they expire. No new winners will be chosen!
Bonus entry: Only ONE bonus entry available. Send a friend to my Facebook page and have them post that you sent them.

Winners will be chosen using A winner will be chosen for prize #1 and then a winner will be chosen for prize #2. Everyone is entered for prize #3 and a winner will be chosen from both entries (whether you entered for #1 or #2). May take up to 2-3 weeks for prize to ship.

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by Facebook.
You MUST be a fan of my Facebook page to enter!
You MUST be a fan of Sew Galore to enter! Winners will be verified!
Only ONE entry per household. Entering from two accounts from the same household will result in a ban from this and all future giveaways!


Learning the Ropes said...

Jaime Steen-Canida
I am so looking forward to a girl's movie night at Sheryl Canida's house tonight!
discount #2

Anonymous said...

Shannon Sweeney,
I am looking forward to spending time with my daughters :) I am really interested in the peony headband! Super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Powell Smith
I am looking forward to spending time with my hubby and kiddos.
discount #1

Darlene said...

Darlene Fuller
I'm looking forward to Spending time with hubby and my babies. Also, My Nephews 2nd birthday. :D

chianticlassico said...

Kellie Nguyen - - looking forward to spending time with the family around the fire pit and hot chocolate! <3