Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Thank you to everyone who participated in the week-long giveaway celebration!!!! The winners from yesterday have been emailed.

So aside from working on your orders, I have had two awesome things in the works:
1) I've been typing up some of my patterns. This can be time consuming because I try to work the pattern up and take lots of photos as I write the pattern. Then I find people to test out the different sizes so that I can make changes if necessary. I will be selling my patterns on my Etsy page, and they will always be available, even when I'm unable to take on custom orders at the time.
2) I was hired to create a "How to Crochet" video. I recorded myself teaching all the basics you need to know to learn to crochet, as well as how-to's for making a scarf, a hat, a flower, and a granny square. The videos have to be blended and edited and then the DVD will be available to purchase. Just let me know if you're interested and when I find out that it's available, I'll let you know!

My family leaves for vacation in one month, and we'll be gone for three weeks. During this time, I may end up picking up a couple of orders, but maybe not. There are lots of gifts that I would like to make for family members, and my kids really need some winter hats! I'm sorry for taking such a long break, but I feel bad when I'm working on hats and my son is constantly asking when he'll get his Spiderman hat... So I need to make time for that. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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