Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's for dinner?

Tonight I threw together something quick and yummy.... Those are my favorite recipes after all! The ones that take no time at all, but are absolutely delicious!!

Smothered Chicken
Cook 4-5 chicken breasts (not too thick) in butter or oil. Usually about 10 mins on each side will do it. Check to make sure they're cooked all the way through.
Meanwhile, cut 4-5 pieces of bacon in half. Fry those, but not too crispy.
When the chicken's done, sprinkle it with cheddar cheese. Top each piece with two pieces of bacon. Cover the pan and leave it on low until the cheese has melted.

Variation: I don't like honey mustard, but for those who do, you can put a few drops of honey mustard on the chicken before the cheese. I meant to try that with barbecue sauce tonight, but with two screaming kids, I totally forgot to squirt it on before the cheese. We dipped the chicken in bbq sauce while we were eating it though. Delicious!

Please share one of your yummy recipes! :)

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ElizabethMei said...

I was hungry before I read this, and your blog post didn't make it any better.. lol.

A variation I like to do can be found here:


Your recipe reminded me of it, I get Chas asking me to make it pretty regularly.

I love to bake chicken, just throw it in and forget it ('til the timer goes off, at least). :)