Monday, November 7, 2011

Whoop whoop!! 1500!!

Thanks everyone for helping me reach 1500 fans! We surpassed it pretty quickly today! Keep on sharing my page so that number can continue to rise! The giveaway will last for one week, with different things being given away each day. The winner will be posted on the following day (for ex. Tomorrow's winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday). Each day, I will post the item(s) being given away, details and/or pictures, and what you need to do to win!!! I will go ahead and post a list of what's being given away each day, so be sure you're checking back if you see something you'd like to win!!

Tuesday: Leg warmers
Wednesday: Ipod/Iphone cover
Thursday: Cowl
Friday: Sew Galore deals
Saturday: Ear warmers/wrap
Sunday: Hand warmers
Monday: 4Hankins Crochet deals

I will post a link each day on Facebook, but the giveaway will be conducted here due to Facebook's rules. Thanks again everyone!

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