Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Joys :) Oh, & a pattern sale!

It's been busy here in Washington.
My husband and I just bought our very first house.

I just love it! The amount of space is incredible!
And to top it off, I have a beautiful view on clear days.

& just around the corner, there's this amazing view of Mt. Rainier... No matter how often I see it, it takes my breath away every time. I wish I could have gotten a better picture (this is from my phone) of what it looked like today, with the way the clouds were sitting around it. Simply beautiful!

My kids just had their Christmas pictures done with the amazing Jennifer Magee!
I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out or the simple fact that she got them back to me so quickly! Considering my daughter is the most uncooperative baby ever when a camera is produced, Jennifer did a fantastic job.

Sometimes the unplanned moments take the cake. Comforting my daughter & TRYING to get her to smile turned into the best picture of them all.

Because we are about to spend three weeks visiting family (my husband's in Texas, mine in Virginia), Santa Claus came early.

But unfortunately, my son likes to be early, too... So this is what we woke up to:

& just because I know it will put a smile on your face, I'll share the next two with you. 1.) My daughter plotting to use all of her new toys to take over the world. 2.) My daughter enjoying her nice little play area, courtesy of the man in red.

Now, on to the other exciting stuff. I've added a few more patterns to my Etsy shop. Because I'm so excited about how these pictures from Jennifer Magee Photography turned out, I'm going to make the Santa Baby patterns Buy One, Get One FREE! Just purchase either the Leg Warmers or the Santa Hat, and I'll send you BOTH patterns, so you can make the set for the price of only one pattern! (Sale ends Sunday, December 18, 2011.)

Last but not least, this is why my husband calls it "torture" when I take my kids to get their pictures done. She gets so hysterical that she just can't stop crying, and she ends up laughing and crying at the same time. I find it quite hilarious. ;)

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