Friday, December 16, 2011


Tis the season!! I have been reading about a lot of kind acts lately so I wanted to do something myself... I will give away a hat to one lucky person, which will be mailed out by Monday. You can choose a regular beanie (with or without earflaps) or a Santa-style hat (similar to the one below).

The hat will be size 6mo-2yrs and it will be red/white/green.

To enter, just leave a comment below with this information:

1. You name (as it appears on Facebook):
2. Your email address:
3. Beanie or Santa hat? (If beanie, with or without earflaps?)
4. What is the best gift you're GIVING this year?

Extra entries: 1) "Share" the post on Facebook that got you here. No need to tell me; I will be notified of who shares it. 2) Send a friend... If your friend becomes a new fan of my Facebook page, have them leave a comment on my wall that YOU sent them.

You MUST be a fan of 4Hankins Crochet to win. You will be emailed as soon as I choose the winner and I will need you to respond BY noon on Sunday for me to be able to mail it Monday. I'm going to be traveling a lot next week, so if I do not get your address before I leave, I cannot guarantee the hat will be delivered before Christmas.
Winner will be selected at midnight EST Saturday 12/17.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!


nstorms227 said...

Nancy Storms
Beanie w flaps please (crosses fingers)
Random act of a little old lady get 3 rolls of matching wrapping paper for her great grandkids because she couldnt reach them... i didnt even work at the store! hmmm best gift I am giving? Has to be the pink glittery barbie ugg-like boots i got for my 4 year old!

Myersfamilyblog said...

Calista Myers
Spending time togather with our families is the best give we can give. Our Families have gotten so big over the years we cant buy for everyone. But being togather during the Christmas is the most cherished moments.

Sarah Desilets Littlefield said...

Sarah Desilets Littlefield
Beanie with ear flaps
The best gift I am giving this year is showing my daughter the true meaning of Christmas :)

jdm2551 said...

Jessi Greenmamajama
Beanie with ear flaps
The best gift(s) I am giving this year is a bike for my two older daughters. They are going to be thrilled!
Thank you for being so generous!
God bless and Happy Holidays!
Jessi G.

Jeannine said...

Jeannine Hovancik-Newhouse
Santa hat
The best gift would have to be the gifts I donated for Toys for Tots. It makes sad to think of children out there who won't be receiving a present.
Thank you for the giveaway!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jeannine & Alena Rae

dani_hk said...

Danielle hoover
Santa hat
The best gift would be I gave to 2 famlies /3 kids toys and clothes so they could have a christmas this year (ones a single mom the other they barely make ends meet)
Thanks goodluck to eveyone
Merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Jaime Wood Jones
Beanie (with flaps) :)
The best gift I am giving is pics of my 6 month old to family. I just love his infectious smile :)

Amery Der said...

Amery Der
Beanie with ear flaps
Best gift is donations to Toy Mountain and Adopt A Family causes!

Thanks for the chance to win!

leaniex3 said...

Leanne christopher
Beanie with earflaps!
Best gift i've given this year was to help a family by giving toys and clothes so they could have a christmas.

jennifer capin said...
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jennifer capin said...

Jennifer Capin
Beanie with flaps
The best gift I am giving this year is having my Mom over to my house and making her Christmas dinner. She deserves it. I haven't spent Christmas day with her in several years so really it is a gift to myself as well :)

Jenn said...

1. Jenn Swift Spencer
3. The santa hat in the photo is AWESOME!!!
4. Hmmm I think that would be a tablet for my hubby!

Loni's Little Treasures said...

1. Loni Gofran
2. Your email address:
3. Beanie or Santa hat?- beanie with earflaps- I lost my son's :(
4. What is the best gift you're GIVING this year? We ordered a set of handmade wooden blocks to be custom made by Dickinson Custom Furniture with the alphabet on them for our just under 1 year old son- they're doing a 27 letter alphabet so we can have 2 A's and spell our son's name without turning the "V" upside down!

heather smith said...

heather smith
beanie hat with flaps
potty chair for my daughter

kgarver said...

Kristi Garver
Beanie with ear flaps
Best gift is to take my two boys to meet their great grandfather and spend time with family.

Chris said...

1. Chris Andersen Satko
3. Beanie with earflaps
4. A pair of leg warmers in bright orange that I am crocheting for a friend.

Gail Gray said...

Gail Gray
Beanie with Flaps
Giving some cherished toys that were my children's to my first grandchild. Classic Fisher-Price for the win. :) :)