Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{heart} day

Ta-da! I made something I found on Pinterest! I love the idea of the deck of cards; the one where you write something you love on each card and title it "52 Reasons I Love You." Well, that would be a good idea had I started a few months ago. I like this idea; that way I can try to find something every day to write on the board. Every day, I can look for a way to compliment my husband. Every day, I can look for a small detail to be grateful about. Every day, I can remember one of the reasons I love him.

I put the frame in our bathroom, because he gets up really early every day for work. I figured that if I can go in there after he goes to sleep, or if my daughter wakes up before him, I can slip in there and leave him a little something to see when he's getting ready for work. Plus, there is plenty of space on our counter... I left the marker beside it. I'm not getting my hopes up, because he is a MAN, but I would love to find a note myself. ;)

Update: I woke up to "You are my best friend." Words can't even describe how special it made me feel. That is my first written note from my husband since Mother's Day. He doesn't say sweet things very often, but when he does, boy it's memorable. :) [He is more about showing me how he feels rather than saying things... Don't want ya to think he's mean! lol]

I also broke out my Cricut, finally. I got it Black Friday, but it was my Christmas present, so I have officially had it for almost two months and hadn't used it yet. I only have two scrapbooking albums that I am still traditionally scrapping in (the rest are digital). I'll be using my Cricut for those two albums, but I also love all the banners I see on Facebook and Pinterest and wanted to make some of my own. Here's the sole Valentine decoration in our house:

I didn't want to put tape on the walls or use a thumb tack so I just tied the ribbon around the posts. Works for me!

The next banner I'll be making will be for my daughter's FIRST birthday!! I already have most of the paper... I can't wait to get started on it!!


Have you made anything lately that you found on Pinterest?

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