Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pizza Rolls

I saw a picture on Pinterest of pizza filled crescent rolls and decided to try them out. I didn't click on the link or anything, I just winged it. It just so happened to turn out DELICIOUS! Aside from being fabulously tasty, my son got to do most of the assembling. It was fun for him, and we got in some nice QT.

 The ingredients. Simple, right?

 First step. We put 4 pepperonis in each crescent roll.

 Second step. I used 3 string cheeses for all 8 rolls. We peeled them to make sure they'd melt.

Next: roll them up.

Then, enjoy!

 My 10 1/2 month old ate an entire one and she didn't waste any time!

My son loved them, too! The stringy cheese was fun!

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Carol said...

We'll have to make these at MeMe's house soon!