Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sibling Love

We all know how powerful a mother's love is. A mother's love empowers you to run into a burning building, lift a car, take a bullet... a mother will do anything to protect her children. This mother turns into quite a momma bear when anyone talks about my little cubs.

There's also the love I have for my husband. I never would have imagined that someone could mean as much to me as my children. I always thought they'd be #1, and my husband would be #2. Somehow, they're tied. I really feel one with my husband, we're a unit, blended together by our love for each other.

However, lately I'm noticing something I've never given much thought to. Sibling love. Wow. Sibling love is something you can really learn from.

Sibling love, now that is unconditional. From the day my daughter (now one) came home, my son (now 4) has been absolutely smitten with her. Those concerns I had during pregnancy about jealousy and dividing my time well so they'd both feel special.... unneccesary! It never matters what kind of day we're having, he loves her so much. She can scream, she can cry, she can throw a tantrum, but he doesn't even notice. Take last night for example. My daughter decided she didn't want to sleep from 11 to 2 last night, and we're at my parents' house so my son has been sleeping with me. She ended up waking him up by hitting him in the head while I was trying to get her to go to sleep. What did he say as soon as he woke up? He smiled and said, "She loves me."

He's also a great teacher. When she pokes him in the eyes, nose, cheeks, or ears, he teaches her the names of those body parts. He tells her about colors and shapes and everything he can think of.

When I see my kids interact, I see love. It's bright, it's emotional, it's pure; it's love. Unwavering, unconditional, sibling love.


juroguitar said...

That is so sweet! Melting my heart :). Christopher is such a good big brother! You certainly have two of the sweetest little kids I have ever met (no joke!)

Great photos too- I am loving the sibling love!

Carol said...

My heart just melts with love for you all!!!!