Friday, May 11, 2012

Tissue Paper Art

I wanted to do some Eric Carle-style art with my son so we ran to Walmart one morning for supplies. I got a huge pack of tissue paper for $3, the glue for less than $1, and the cheapest brushes I could find.

Mix a little glue with a tiny bit of water.

Choose your colors are tear the tissue paper into small pieces. I used a pencil to draw an outline on the paper, so my son would know where to put the tissue paper pieces.

Paint 1/4 of the picture with the glue mixture at a time. Press your tissue paper pieces on the glue.

Once all the tissue paper is down, paint a coat of the glue mixture over all of your tissue. Let it dry and you have your very own little masterpieces. ;)

Have you tried any different crafts or activities lately?

We made a twine road:

Share your ideas. ;)

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