Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects Lately

I realized recently that I rarely post any of my projects! Normally I get so many hats done, it would just be an overflow of posts. However, I feel like posting some of my recent work. 

I just made this watermelon hat. I'm still working on the pattern for the rest of the sizes.

 A floppy sun hat for the summer.

 a couple of owls

Minnie Mouse hats... pattern here

LOTS of loafers... pattern here

I have tons of yarn sitting around, waiting to be worked into cute little outfits for my daughter. Unfortunately I'm not disciplined enough to force myself to finally do them! I did manage to get this done in a couple of days while my husband was out of town. I love patterns from Mon Petit Violon designs. I have several!

 Cowboy set- The hat pattern is from The Lovely Crow. I created the boots, pattern here.

 Baby girl photo props :) If you're in the JBLM area, you should check out Jennifer Magee Photography. The elf hat pattern is here!

 I made the sweater set and blanket set for a friend of mine.

 I have also signed up for a craft show at the end of July so whenever I get a free moment I whip up a random hat like this one.

I designed this set a month or two ago. I really need to get the pattern typed up!

I also need to write a pattern for these mary janes. ;)

 I also made these 3 sets recently. The Minnie Mouse hat and all of the loafers are my patterns, listed on my Etsy. I whipped up the skirt but did not write a pattern for it.

 Now, while working on my current orders and hats for my craft show, I'm also going to join in on a crochet-a-long! I first read about it at plus3 crochet, and although I am joining about 3 weeks late, I think I can catch up. I've already got the first week done, but I'm going to get a few more colors this weekend. I'll post an update on that soon. ;)

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