Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life lately!

 It has been about a month since my last blog post! My last few posts haven't really been updates on life, so it's time for a picture-filled post!

1. In the world of crochet:
I have never posted much of what I make on here, because I make so much for my business that I'd bore you. I do have some recent favorites I'd like to share. And because I love them, I'm running some sales, too! :)
I looooove these floppy sun hats. This one was ordered, but I need to make my daughter one for this summer. Make that daughters. By summer, there will be two. :) These are currently $7 off, making them only $12 shipped.

I had an order for some baseball themed hats and I love how they turned out. Neither of these are included in my sale, but I do have aviator hats on sale for the boys. They are $16 shipped.

 This is a scarf I made for a customer. Yes, it's still cold here. :)

 Easter props for a photographer

Beautiful bonnet and simple rose beanie... I just love these colors together!

Someone my husband works with had his first baby, and I had a pattern from Mon Petit Violin that I wanted to try... so they got this cute little sweater. :)

 A little something I worked on this week, but need to put down to continue with orders...

A baby blanket I'm working on for a customer... I love this yarn! It is so thick and soft, and it works up quickly.

Just a few squares I've made.... There are tons others. I love working with Join the Love on Facebook. We work together to make memory blankets for families who've lost a child. I recently assembled a blanket with donated squares for a family:

I have some sweaters and booties patterns from Mon Petit Violin, some hats, and some blankets (like this basketweave and this Noah's Ark) that I want to make for #3 before she arrives... and some things for my friend who is due in August. And maybe if I learn to knit fast enough, I can even knit something, lol!

That sums up my crocheting lately... If you are interested in my other sales, check out my Facebook page: 4Hankins Crochet. I also have all of my patterns 40% off. On Etsy use the coupon code: SPRINGTIME. There is even a listing there for 3 patterns for $10. After the discount, you'd get 3 patterns for only $6! The discount will be automatically applied in Ravelry, and you are able to download your new patterns instantly there.

2. Sewing:
I am quite a novice sewer, but I want to get better. I have some patterns I've picked up on sale that I wanted to try, and I've also found some awesome tutorials on Pinterest.
I used this tutorial to make my niece a fun skirt. It was quick and easy and perfect for a new sewer.
I used a pattern one night and made myself a new shirt! This took much longer with all of the pieces to cut out and sew together, but it was rewarding to make something that (I think) turned out nicely and accommodates my belly! :)

I got addicted to making pajama pants using the tutorial from this pin. By my third pair I was doing them in close to an hour. My son needed pj's anyways, and I got the flannel on sale for like $3. Can't beat a $3 pair of pajama pants!

I used several pins as inspiration for our new baby's diaper bag, but I kind of made my own pattern. I had a friend help me make a purse out of one of my husband's uniforms a year or so ago, and I remembered most of what we did. I made my pattern pieces for the sides and the bottom, made pockets, made the liner, sewed the pockets to the liner... Made the ruffles, made the outside, sewed the ruffles to the outside (I underestimated the length so I only put them on the front, but I like it that way). Made the straps, started sewing the liner inside the outer and sewed the straps in place. I love it! I'm so happy to have made my own diaper bag!! I even made rolled rosettes for the first time. Now let's hope that it holds up when I'm toting around 50 pounds of baby supplies. :)

I also made two other things that I apparently didn't take pictures of. I made a dress using this tutorial. I picked up a plain white t-shirt at Walmart to use for it and made my dress floor length. Maybe after I have this baby, I'll shorten it... We'll see. I haven't actually had an opportunity to wear it yet, but I hope to soon! I also made a belly band using this tutorial. You can never have enough belly bands, and this one wasn't as tight as my store-bought one, so it was much more comfortable.

Next on my list of things to sew when I have time are these yoga pants and a few dresses for my daughters for the summer... all of which I already have the fabric for. Oh! And my son also picked out the fabric for his next pair of pajama pants. I'm really getting addicted to sewing! :)

3. Family and everyday life:
We have had a lot to celebrate lately! My pregnancy is going well, my kids are healthy, and my parents and one of my sisters were just able to visit for about 9 days. I'm feeling so blessed!

I'm 31 weeks today, and haven't taken a picture yet, but this was my bump at 28 weeks.
My daughter turned TWO! (Here she is after some cookie cake.) I can't believe it... She is still as tiny as a one year old, but she talks like a three year old (at least)! She is so smart and adorable, and I love her more and more every day. :)

 Her birthday started with a gorgeous sunrise and a very happy baby... until she started throwing up! :(

Then, she spent most of the day like this....

 Luckily, by the afternoon, she hadn't thrown up anymore and she was feeling much better. We went outside to enjoy the weather and play on her birthday present.

 We celebrated with cookie cake ON her birthday, but celebrated again with a homemade Minnie Mouse cake once my family got here. 

My "baby sister" also had a birthday coming up (today actually!) so my husband and I snuck an ice cream cake home one night for more celebrating.

 Annnnnnd we did some celebrating at Great Wolf Lodge, too.... ;)

Here is spoiled rotten girl with her birthday presents from her grandparents and a new Bitty Baby outfit from mommy and daddy. She treasures her Bitty Baby! It's so cool that we are within driving distance of the American Girl store AND a Lego store... When my family comes, we take a trip just for some good spoiling. :) My son had been saving his allowance for a while, so he got lots of new Legos between his money, mom and dad, and the grandparents!

 My son lost his FIRST and SECOND teeth! They were about a week apart and his adult teeth were already coming in, so he doesn't have much of a hole, but he's had a little fun with it... and he loved the extra money for the Lego store.

Updated family pictures!!!
My loves. :)

Me, my mom, and my little sister

My parents, my sister, and my kids

 It was a great visit and I can't wait until they are back in June to meet baby #3. Starting the countdown already!

I started a new book that my mom read and left for me... I have decided that I will be homeschooling my son next year, and preparation for that makes me want to go back to school! :-/ I've decided that reading nonfiction, autobiographies, history, etc. will help me with the craving for knowledge and cost a whole lot less. ;)

I didn't take a picture, but I'm also very happy to have been the winner of a giveaway at Cozy Things! My mom started teaching me to knit when she visited in October, but I need to find time to practice every day to finish learning and be able to make something. The knitting goodies I received are definitely motivation to pick it back up! Also, my mom and I found a lovely yarn store only about ten minutes from my house... In the 9 days that she was here, we went twice! I loved their yarn, and the ladies were super friendly! I'd just love to be able to go sit in there and knit with them! If you're in the WA area, you'll have to check out Yellow House Yarns!

Well, I think that is mostly everything! Thanks for visiting!


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